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The Influence of Green Marketing to Perceived Value on Pertamax Purchasing Decision
Rennyta Yusiana, Arry Widodo

Universitas Telkom

Environmental degradation intensifies in Indonesia and in the world giving direct impact on human life. The issue of care for the environment and as a form of social responsibility, prompting many companies to create and offer environmentally friendly products (green product).
This study aims to determine the effect of Green marketing on perceived value in the consumer purchase decisions on fuel pertamax in Bandung. This type of research is descriptive and causal research by using path analysis. Methods of data collection using a questionnaire with a sample of 400 respondents. The sampling technique used in this study is simple random sampling.
The analysis showed Green marketing influence on purchasing decisions directly is lower than Green marketing influence through perceived value to the purchasing decision. This matter that the perceived value of the variable is very important in creating a purchasing decision pertamax. Future studies are expected to examine the dominant factors in variable thus increasing the perceived value of a purchase decision.

Topic: Green Business

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