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Performance Identification of Organic SRI Rice Development toward Sustainable Agriculture throughout Causal Loop Diagram Approach*)
D.Yadi Heryadi

Agricultural Faculty, University of Siliwangi


Organic rice farming is the future agriculture to reach sustainable agriculture considering social, economical and environmental aspects. The current performance has not met expectation. This research aims at understanding to both of the complexity and dynamic various interaction variable in order to improve the performance of organic rice toward sustainable agriculture. The used method in this research was thinking system by means Causal Loop Diagram (CLD). This research has been conducted since November 2015 until March 2016 at Tasikmalaya which claiming as organical and SRI rice “icon”. The results showed that : 1) Performance of organic SRI rice development was determined by various factor such as the farmer, government and other stakeholder, 2) The farmer weakness factor such as lack understanding about the benefits of organic SRI rice farming for the future, economic (financial heavy) is the main reason in business of organic SRI rice, 3) Government programs enhancing food production was not on organical agriculture and 4) The real support remains low from other stakeholder such from University, research institution into sustainable agriculture programs.

Topic: Green Business

PermaLink: http://bme.conference.upi.edu/pages/abstract.php?id=2a8c1f1bef5e97ed3b9c07db4f454995


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