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Dilemma of Organic SRI Rice Farmer: Between Economic and Sustainability Agriculture Aspects
D.Yadi Heryadi*) and Tresna Insan Noor**)

Agricultural Faculty, University of Siliwangi

Organic farming is the future agriculture to reach sustainable agriculture considering social, economic and environment aspects. Performance currently remains not fulfil the expectation, especially organic SRI ricefarming at Tasikmalaya. The factors causing performance unsatisfied, example the farmer full of doubt about economical impact due to transition of conventional to organical farming, the others are their understanding toward organical farming concept and benefit. The research aims at analyze economical aspect of organical SRI rice farming and evaluate how farmers understanding about organical farming concept and benefits. Research designed by qualitative design with descriptive research methode and case study research technique. This research conducted to farmer group Tani Jembar II at Margahayu village Manonjaya District Tasikmalaya which 41 farmer respondent. The data collected by direct observation, interview and literature study. The result showed that: 1) economically SRI rice organical farming has not given the expected yield of farmer such as that the farmer have to wait until at least 4 times planting season to closer the same yield as conventional farming and 2) understanding about organical farming concept and benefit was still low and farmer preference to plant organical SRI rice tend to economical reason and has not indicated to sustainability in environmental side.

Topic: Green Business

PermaLink: http://bme.conference.upi.edu/pages/abstract.php?id=53eb320629641e342aeb110d57e73178


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