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Artificial Reef as Recreational SCUBA Diving Resources: Feasibility Study for Sustainable Tourism
Harriman Samuel Saragih

Universitas Pelita Harapan

Indonesia is known as a coastal country which has rich natural resources. Indonesia’s islands have attracted scuba divers globally to dive and experience the sensation of Indonesia’s maritime ecosystem. Previous studies have shown that scuba diving as an ecotourism object is able to contribute both positive and negative impact to the environment and the local communities. World Resource Institute reported that 45% of coral reefs in Indonesia face a high level of threat, and this ecosystem can still be aided by the presence of artificial reefs. This study focuses to understand the feasibility of implementing artificial reef to boost local community and improve their economy in order to preserve the environment for sustainability.

Topic: Green Business

PermaLink: http://bme.conference.upi.edu/pages/abstract.php?id=6d6dc384b1037a6cf0a2a74c8f41baa2


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