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Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure On The Firm Value At Manufacturing Companies Listed On Indonesia Stock Exchange
Nugraha, Yayat Supriyatna, Zharifah Mardliyyah

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

The objective of this research is to know the influence of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Disclosure on the firm valuein manufacturing companies listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). CSR disclosure, in this research, is based on the measurement of the Indicator of Global Reporting Initiative Index (GRI Index). Whereas for the firm value is based on the measurement of the Indicator of Tobin’s Q. The method used in this research is survey of the secondary data of annual report published by the companies in 2011-2013. The samples involved in this research were 46 companies were listed on (IDX) during the three periods of the research, and obtained 138 of observation data. The statistical analysis used in this research is the descriptive analysis and simple linear regression analysis which is preceded by normality test and linearity test, then the regression analysis performed by using F test and t test with the significance level of 5%. The result of the study of simple linear regression test showed that the CSR disclosure had a significant and positive influence on the firm value in manufacturing companies listed on the Stock Exchange. It means that the higher CSR disclosure the more raises its firm value.

Topic: Financial Management and Accounting

PermaLink: http://bme.conference.upi.edu/pages/abstract.php?id=a8a6be0d03677f1d473c6ea473992bae


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