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Performance Analysis of Local Bandung Goverment Departement Using Balance Scorecard Methode
Nuryaman, Dinnar Fitria Putri Pitaloka

Universitas Widyatama

Balanced scorecard (BSC) is not only used by business organizations, but also by public organizations including local government organizations. As a public organization, local governments are required to achieve good performance; the performance of financial and non-financial performance, because the main purpose of government is not to seek financial gain, but the provision of public services is satisfactory. This research is a case study in Bandung City Government, this research method is descriptive analysis method to describe every dimension of balanced scorecard performance model; learning and growth, internal business processes, customer satisfaction, and financial. The results of the analysis of the performance appraisal of the 17 (seventeen) local Bandung Government Departements with the Balanced Scorecard method for the periode of 2014, the results show that the average performance of the Goverment Departements of Bandung City are classified as good category

Topic: Financial Management and Accounting

PermaLink: http://bme.conference.upi.edu/pages/abstract.php?id=c5d8b8c3dd6c7defd50ff33c2aed77af


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