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Smart Business Strategy: Optimalizing The Role of Management Accounting
Yoga Tantular Rachman (a*), Sendi Gusnandar Arnan (b) and Yogo Heru Prayitno (b)

Universitas Widyatama

The strategy is a key determinant of the success of a company in the long term that will ultimately make the company become winners in their respective industries. In fact, in all efforts to develop the company, business owners are always questions about how the companys current situation, where the company will be directed and how the company will achieve the goal. The strategy is developed and implemented based on information obtained by the company from both internal and external to answer that question.
Recent techniques and shifts in the environment are often foreseen as leading management accountants to adopt a business orientation and strategies. Management accounting in this research is indicate will be very instrumental to the company strategies through the five pillars of power that can be generated by utilizing the management accounting information. The five pillars of the strength is achieve sustainable competitive advantage, cost leadership, differentiation and focus strategy, applying the concept of value chain and strategic cost analysis. Management accounting is able to provide various information to the manager or leader and also the owner. Specifically, management accounting identify, collect, measure, classify, and report information that is useful for internal users in planning, controlling, and making decisions, including determining the strategy to be taken by the company.

Topic: Financial Management and Accounting

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