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Ethics of Business Information (Literature Study of the Ethics Business of Information in the Library)
Riche Cynthia Johan, R Nadia Hanoum

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Information is an indispensable factor for promoting the development of society. Kemp (1976:101) observes, that information has been called, the fifth need of man, ranking after air, water, food, and shelter. Luck, et al., add that information is the life blood of planning, directing, and controlling any enterprise (Luck et al, 1981:20). It makes the satisfaction of the demands of the population possible in an efficient way. Madhusudhan (2008,1).
Information business is about marketing the needs for information in many format and utilizing technology to distribute the information to the public in order to influence, follow, try, use and promote. Growing a business is not easy as it requires rules or ethics and culture in delivering the truth of information about services or products that will be traded or exchanged.
Library is one of service institutions that issues information products in large number and that is appropriate for public consumption. The large scope of collections management owned by library and the swift of library role to community space and creative activity provider has opened the opportunity to develop a business of information.
This article explores information business, the ethics and culture forms that thrive in information business, and the role of library in information business. The literature study expects to provide comprehensive description of the role of library in supporting the formation of information with the right ethics and culture in the doing the business and forms of information business in library.

Topic: Green Business

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