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The Opportunities and Challenges of Islamic Accounting Learning for Vocational Students and Its Application in Islamic Microfinance Institutions
Arim Agus Widarsono Ellina Riennovita

Indonesia University Of Education

HR needs in the field of Islamic Economy by 2017 is 20,838 people per year. Nevertheless, the average number of S1 and S2 graduates of Islamic Economy Study Program is 6,542 per year. Hence, theres a gap of 14,296 per year. Most of the needs, especially for BMT and Sharia Cooperative, can be fulfilled from vocational-graduated skilled labors. This study aims to find out the development of Islamic accounting and its teaching effectiveness in vocational schools to meet the needs of accounting manpower. The method used is qualitative research. Source triangulation technique is used to test the credibility. The result shows that the characteristics of Islamic accounting applied in BMT is unique. Since the legal status of BMT is cooperative, based on Cooperative Accounting Guides, it has to comply SAK ETAP (Financial Accounting Standards for Entities Without Public Accountability). On the other hand, because BMT is a sharia entity that performs sharia transactions, BMT has to obey SAK Syariah (Islamic Financial Accounting Standards). Hence, BMT in Indonesia may use both SAK Syariah and SAK ETAP. Considering this, professional accounting technicians for BMT are needed. Professional here means they obtain early professional competence through relevant education, special education, professional training and examination in relevant subjects plus work experience. For the time allocation for accounting subject, especially accounting for BMT, is limited, it is compulsory to provide “Crash Course” learning module to make the learning process effective. This allows the students to quickly acquire the BMT accounting procedure, from recording transactions to financial statement preparation. Special internship in BMT is needed to give them field experience.

Topic: Financial Management and Accounting

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