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The 1st UPI Global Conference on Business, Management and Entreupreuneurship (UPI – GC-BME 2016 ) will be held on August  08, 2016  in Bandung, Indonesia. The aim of UPI GC-BME 2016 is to provide a platform for educators, researchers, artists, scholars, managers, graduate students and entreupreneurs from different cultural backgrounds to present and discuss researches, developments and innovations in the fields of Business Management and Entreupreuneurship. It provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and implementation experiences, to establish business or research connections and to find global partners for future collaboration.

All full papers submitted to UPI GC-BME 2016 should be written in English, and will be sent to at least two reviewers and evaluated based on its originality, technical and content quality, correctness, relevance to the conference, contributions, as well as its readability. All accepted papers will be  published in  serial conference: Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research (AEBMR) ISSN:  978-94-62520-68-4, indexed by CPCI- SSH (Conference Proceeding Citation Index- Social Science Humanities) Thomson Reuteurs and Google ScholarAll articles get a digital object identifier (DOI). The proceedings list and ordering in Atlantis Press can be found  here.

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" Creating Innovative and Value added Bussiness "


Aim and Scope

The UPI Global Conference on Business, Management and  Entreupreneurship  of 2016, covers up six major thematic groups. Within each groups, several topics will be subject of discussion.          Yet it is open for another relevant topics.:

A. Organizational Behavior, Leadership and Human Resources Management

Organizational Development, Innovative Business Models & Organizational Change, Knowledge Management, Best Practices to Manage Human Capital, Future Directions for HRM Research, Global Human Resource Management, Human Resource Planning, Technology in Human Resource Management, Training and Development, Competency Mapping, Compensation, Employer Branding, Employee Motivation, Organization Structure .Leadership, Organization Theory

B. Innovation, Operations and Supply Chain Management

Innovation and Technology Management, Design of Goods & Services, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Product and Process Innovation, Quality Management, Managing Operations Across the Supply Chain, Operations Research, Project Management, Total Quality Management, Six Sigma Initiative, Green Technology, Logistic Management, New Product Development, New Service Development, Inventory Management, Plant and location, Service Operations Management, Global Operation Management

C. Marketing Management

Advertising Management, Fundamentals of Marketing, Assessing Marketing Performance, International Marketing, Marketing Research, Marketing Strategy, Service Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications, Marketing Innovation and Planning, Delivering Customer Value, Direct Marketing,   E-Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Customer Service and Customer Relations, Sales Strategies, Marketing Research, Marketing Data Analysis, Marketing and International Consumers, Marketing Theory and Application, Marketing Case Studies, Contemporary Issues in Marketing, Consumer Behavior

D. Financial Management and Accounting

Corporate Finance and Governance, Cost Management, Finance & Investment, Financial Markets and Institution, Capital Budgeting, Capital Market, Credit Risk Modelling and Management, Financial Engineering, Foreign Exchange Markets, Law and Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Mutual Funds Management, Portfolio Management, Regulations of Financial Markets, Venture Capital, Accounting and Finance, Behavioral Accounting and Finance, Electronic Banking, Electronic Finance, Financial Markets and Derivatives, Financial Services Management

E. Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship and Contemporary Issues

Approaches and Models of Strategic Management, Challenges to Strategic Management, Corporate Strategy Formulation Approaches, SWOT Analysis and Carrying Out Business Strategy, Types of Business Competitive Strategy, Types of Cooperative Strategy, Situational Analysis for Strategic Planning, Problems of Global Strategy, Problems in Implementing Growth and Retrenchment Strategies, Relationship of Management by Objectives and Strategic Management, Relationship of Total Quality Management and Strategic Issues, Leadership and Leading Types for Effective Strategy Formulation and Implementation, International Strategic Performance Measurement, Strategic Issues in Managing Technology and Innovation, Categories of Innovation for Proper Strategy Formulation, Role of the Entrepreneur as Strategist, Operations and Supply Chain Strategy

F. Green Business

Business Ethics, Consumer Protection, Environmental Protection, Green logistics


Venue and Activities

Audiotorium FPEB , Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi 229 Bandung, West Java



Call for Papers

 Authors are requested to submit abstract/ full paper to the Organizing Committee by May 31, 2016. The papers should be written in English and must be between 4 to 10 pages.

 Abstract and Manuscript Submission

To submit an abstract, author must first register (left menu "Register"). Then you can submit your abstract by logging in to this site (left menu "Login"). Manuscript can be submitted only after authors submit their abstracts. The whole submission process is fully done online (NOT by email) to guarantee smooth administration.


Important Dates

  • Deadline of abstract submission : June 14, 2016 (extend)
  • Information of abstract acceptance: June 15, 2016
  • Deadline for paper submission:  July 15 , 2016  (Extend)
  • Deadline for early registration:  June 30, 2016
  • Information of full paper acceptance: June 30 until July 25, 2016 (Extend)
  • Conference day: August 08, 2016



(Citation techniques using Vancouver style)


Invited Speakers


Prof. Taehee Kim Ph.D  ( Youngsan University, Busan South Korea )


DR Arry Akhmad Arman , Ir, MT (IT Management Expert, STEI ITB)


Ir Gilarsi Wahyu Setijono, MBA ( Direktur Utama PT Pos Indonesia)


International Scientific Committee (tentative*)

  1.  Prof. John Paul (Kedge Business School, France)*
  2. Prof. Varakorn Samakoses (President of Dhurakij Pundit University, Thailand) *
  3. Prof. Ranbir Malik Singh (Curtin, Australia)
  4. Prof. Dr. Nobuhide Otomo (Kanazawa University, Japan)
  5. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Dahlan Ibrahim, (Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, Malaysia)
  6. Prof. Dr. Nanang Fattah, MPd ( UPI, Indonesia)
  7. Prof. Dr.Agus Rahayu MP ( UPI, Indonesia)
  8. Prof. Dr. Tjutju Yuniarsih SE, MPd ( UPI, Indonesia)
  9. Prof. Dr. Disman MS (UPI, Indonesia)
  10. Prof. Dr. Suryana MS  ( UPI, Indonesia)
  11. Prof. Dr. Eeng Ahman, MS ( UPI, Indonesia)
  12. Prof. DR. Ratih Hurriyati, MP (UPI, Indonesia )
  13. Prof. Ina Primiana SE, MT (UNPAD)
  14. Prof Lincoln Arsyad, MEc, PhD (UGM)
  15. Prof. Gunawan Sumodiningrat MEc, PhD (UGM)
  16. Dr. Phil Dadang Kurnia MSc. (GIZ German)
  17. Assoc.Prof. Arry Akhmad Arman, MT, Dr (ITB)
  18. Assoc.Prof. Dwilarso , MBA, PhD (ITB)
  19. Assoc.Prof. Hardianto Iristiadi MSME, PhD (ITB)
  20. Assoc.Prof. Rachmawaty Wangsaputra, MSc, PhD (ITB)
  21. Assoc.Prof. Teungku Ezni Balkiah, MSc, PhD (UI)
  22. Assoc.Prof. Ruslan Priyadi MSc, PhD (UI)
  23. Assoc.Prof. Sri Gunawan, MBA, DBA  ( UNAIR)
  24. Assoc.Prof. Yudi Aziz, MT, PhD (UNPAD)
  25. Assoc.Prof. Lili Adiwibowo, MM, DR (UPI)
  26. Assoc.Prof. Vanessa Gaffar, MBA, DR (UPI)
  27. Assoc.Prof. Chaerul Furqon, MM, DR (UPI)
  28. Vina Andriany MEd, PhD (UPI)
  29. Tutin Ariyanti, ST, MT, PhD ( UPI)


 Conference  Fees


 Overseas participants:


  • Presenters: USD 300 (Early Registration (before June 30* USD 200)
  • Students: USD 200 (Early Registration before June 30 * USD 150)
  • Participants: USD 150)
  • Co author : USD 60


 Local participants:


  • Presenters: IDR 2.000.000 (Early Registration before June 30* IDR 1.500.000)
  • Students: IDR 1.000.000
  • Participants: IDR 500.000
  • Penulis Kedua , Ketiga.....: IDR 750.000


 Note: USD= United States Dollar, IDR: Indonesian Rupiah


 Method of Payment


 Bank transfer to Bank Negara Indonesia, Branch Perguruan Tinggi Bandung, Bandung, INDONESIA

  Account name: LISNAWATI

  Account number: 0418497600 (for US$/USD)  Swift/ BIC: BNINIDJA

  Account number: 0338867481 (For Rp/IDR)

   Write "(your name) and for UPI -BME"

  Each participant and presenter will receive a seminar kit, refreshments and lunch.




Undergraduate and Postgraduates of Business Management dan Doctorate Science Management Program of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, in collaboration with APMMI (Asosiasi Pengelola Magister Manajemen Indonesia), FMI (Forum Manajemen Indonesia ) dan ISEI (Ikatan Sarjana Ekonomi Indonesia)



 Prof.Dr. Ratih Hurriyati MP,

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, INDONESIA

 Technical Chairperson:

 Assoc. Prof. Lili Adiwibowo Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, INDONESIA


 Organizing Committee


  1. Dr. Ade Gafar Abdullah, M.Si
  2. DR Eng Asep Bayu Nandiyanto MSc
  3. Drs. Rd Dian H Utama , Msi
  4. Drs. Girang Razati, Msi
  5. Lisnawati SPd. MM
  6. Sulastri SPd, Mstat
  7. MasHaryono SPd, MM




 *This schedule is subject to change and may be updated prior to the conference date.


Contact Person:


 Prof.Dr. Ratih Hurriyati MP

  Email: bme@upi.edu

 Web site : http://bme.conference.upi.edu/

 Business Management Education Program

 Faculty of Business and Economics Education

 Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Jl. Setiabudhi 229 Bandung 40154 INDONESIA 

 Tlp/Faks +62222007634


Visa Information

  Official Information about Indonesia Visa can be found here


  See here for more information about hotels in Bandung.

About UPI

  Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) is one of the oldest universities in Indonesia, founded in 20 October 1954. In the core of its development, UPI has become the only Indonesian higher education institution which consistently focuses its core mission on education. UPI has already set up its vision as a leading and outstanding university in the fields of educational sciences and subject matter (vocational?) education in Indonesia in 2010 and in Asia i



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